Ellen DeCarlo, flutist, performs in the San Francisco Bay Area for events such as weddings, church services, ceremonies, and other occasions. Her unaccompanied flute playing, both as background music and as listening entertainment, brings pleasure to your special gatherings. *

Continuing on another path, Ellen provides music for meditation on an auto harp.  This gently-amplified music creates a relaxed atmosphere for those wanting a peaceful moment.
Ellen  performs with other musicians, including the Bell'Aria Flute Ensemble.  This group provides a unique listening experience in the form of duets, trios, quartets, and flute choir and is available for performances around the San Francisco Bay. 

Looking for a group of three?  Ellen is also a member of the Trianon Trio, an ensemble of flute, cello, and piano, and the Silverwood Trio, a group of two flutes and cello.

Considering adding live music to your upcoming event?  These groups provide quality music for weddings, anniversaries, corporate and civic events, and other special occasions in the San Francisco Bay Area.  For information, contact Ellen by email at edecarlo@riverwithin.net or by phone at (510)833-7071.

Below are audio and video clips of some of the music shared at different occasions.

 Unaccompanied Flute: 
 Flute with Accompaniment:

Ellen and Friends:  

Solo Flute, Auto harp, & Native American Style Flute: