Ellen DeCarlo, Educator

Music Lessons

Ellen DeCarlo teaches private flute lessons (beginning through early advanced), beginning piano, and general music in her San Francisco Bay Area music studio. She works with students of various ages. Email Ellen at edecarlo@riverwithin.net or phone her at (510) 833-7071.

Writing Lessons

A teacher of writing, Ellen DeCarlo tutors students in individual or small group sessions. While developing writing skills, students investigate areas of personal interest creating meaningful lessons. These individualized lessons may include activities such as gardening, science, or art to develop background information. Ellen works with students and parents to develop individual plans, and has regular assessments followed by parent conversation about student progress. Email Ellen at edecarlo@riverwithin.net or phone her at (510) 833-7071.

Workshops for Classrooms/Libraries/Special Events

"Musical Journey": Take an imaginary trip over land, riding on the railroad, galloping on a horse with cowboys, or walking along a trail with a walking stick. Travel by water on a large sailing ship, a small rowboat, and a steamboat. Students will listen to stories of travel, sing folk songs, and act out life as a traveler. Ellen dons various hats, plays piano, and encourages students to participate in the program. (Preschool through Grade 3)

"Fantastic Folktales and Flutes": Listen to tales and tunes from six continents around the world (we don't go to Antarctica- it's too cold...). Ellen demonstrates and plays various flutes and asks for student volunteers to help lead activities. (Preschool through Grade 3)

"Teaching Pitch and Melody"- a workshop for teachers with minimal musical experience. Learn how to teach the music basics of pitch and melody. (for teachers of young children)

"Music Activities with Young Children"- Learn how common childhood rhymes and chants can develop pitch and rhythm. Learn age-appropriate musical activities that you can do even if you think you're not musical. (for teachers of young children)

For more information, email Ellen at edecarlo@riverwithin.net or phone her at (510) 833-7071.

Teacher and Parent Support

A support provider in the local school district, a National Board Certified Teacher (2009-2019), and teacher support provider, Ellen works with teachers to help them reflect upon and improve their teaching craft.